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Half a century ago, before more than 50 years, a small business unit started metal trading in the old city, now central Ahmedabad. The beginning of the firm had predominantly been into the ferrous and non-ferrous metals until it ventured into the specialized trading of Aluminum. That was the start and there is no looking back since 1962 for Katariya India Group where it has been continuing to satisfy the emerging needs of its customers through their products and services. The time has changed and so have the methods and products in the categories the group functions in. From being a scrap processor at the inception to turning out to be an Aluminum Ingot producer and later Aluminum Piston manufacturer and supplier by early 2000s and at the end of the decade, the group is now further set to unveil the other opportunities in and outside the segment under the guidance of its torchbearers.

As a part of this flagship enterprise, Shield Craft Buildex is another feather in the crown aspiring to explore the unexplored in the nation. With an aim to stimulate the designing ease by the adaption of zinc in the architecture projects, Shield Craft Buildex has come into existence in the year 2020. It was firstly, as a concept, conceived by Mr. Pravin M. Katariya with a vision of eying on the segment which is still uncaptured; however, has massive potential in the market where the traditionally carved routes have left lesser visibility for architectural designs in zinc. In order to cover the opportunity and furnish the creativity elements in the architectural needs and designs, Shield Craft Buildex thrives for meeting its end users though a strong distribution network in the country. The firm sincerely believes in articulating the aspiring needs of having an ease and creativity in the architectural styles with the use of zinc and thereby wants to reach out to the fulfillment by leveraging the parent group’s 50+ years of expertise in the manufacturing and supply of Aluminum based products. Shield Craft Buildex delivers the zinc based building solutions from the house of Asturiana de Laminados S.A, a multinational organization established in the year 2006 in Spain, with its brand elZinc as a master distributor of the country; covering all 4 regions.

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