elZinc is proud to present a complete range of rainwater drainage solutions which are available in four different finishes and respond to a wide range of technical and aesthetic requirements.

The gutters and accessories in this range, in addition to the complementary profiles and roof flashings, are produced using elZinc zinc titanium which is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of standard EN988.

These elements are suitable for all weather conditions and their high level of resistance to corrosion helps to ensure the longevity and integrity of the buildings that they are fitted on.

The timeless quality of elZinc elements means that they look at home installed in any type of building.

Main advantages

  • A complete range of gutters and accessories
  • Available in four different finishes
  • High-quality products which comply with the existing regulations
  • High durability with reduced maintenance requirements

Main applications

  • Renovation
  • New build
  • Commercial and residential projects

Eaves Gutters

Parapet and Internal Gutters

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